July 4, 2012


So Madison’s dating this little weasel named Devon, whom I’ve met once and wasn’t overly impressed by. I think he’s really cute though, I get why Madison’s attracted to him (even if he does have the bad hair thing going on, like so many of their generation – what is UP with that?) and I was surprised to hear at grad when they were doing the blurb on each kid that he wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up. I find that admirable.

This is actually the SECOND time she’s gone out with him though. The first time he asked her out, she said yes and then like, I dunno a week or two later, he dumped her by getting one of his FRIENDS to tell her she was dumped and this was days before grad where he was supposed to be her date. She’d even already bought him a grad present (headphones and a $15 iTunes card). We think that was a shitty thing to do.

However, Madison had made her relationship status on Facebook as being “in a relationship” which I think is a joke when you’re talking about 14 yr olds who dump each other every other week. So when he dumped her and she had to change her status to single, I posted “HA HA!” because I told her she shouldn’t have changed it to being in a relationship in the first place but she didn’t listen.

WELL! Devon thought that was really mean of me and the rumour at school was that at grad he was going to confront me and put me in my place, which would have been really funny because, um, hello, YOU dumped HER! By proxy! Who’s the asshole here?

Grad happened and he didn’t even look in my direction so there was no confrontation to be had (he claims he couldn’t find me LOL). ┬áBut what did happen was that he thought Madison looked so hot in her black grad dress and Doc Martens that he asked her out like, the next day or the day after that and Blake and I told Madison she would say yes even though she shouldn’t and as predicted, she did.

And she changed her relationship status on Facebook to “in a relationship” again because she didn’t learn her lesson the first time and my comment on that was just a simple “Ugh.”, which my mom “liked” (haha) and that was the end of that.

Devon doesn’t have internet at home (a LOT of kids in this town have no internet) and I guess his family all has cell phones so they don’t have a house phone. Madison doesn’t have a cell phone (well she does but it’s not a smart phone and it’s for emergencies only) so the way they communicate is by MSN with her on the computer and him using the app on his phone. This isn’t really convenient though because it means she can only communicate with him if he has the app open. And I guess he has rules about actually speaking on the phone because that costs money but texts are unlimited.

Madison really wants to go to the beach with Devon and has been trying to devise ways of achieving this (we live 10 mins away from the world’s longest freshwater beach, for those who don’t know). Her master plan was for him to ride his bike into town (which would be something like 6km or something crazy like that) and then WALK to the beach, which Madison says would take 2.5 hours. I said that’s not happening and she pouted and I told her that Devon was welcome to come to the beach with us whenever he wanted since we go after Blake gets off work often during the summer.

The problem with that though, is that we go last minute and Madison has no way of getting a hold of him. So I told her she could use my phone to text him in such instances when she needed to speak with him right away. This made her happy so I added him as a contact and showed her how to text by making small talk with him for a few sentences and then Madison went off to talk to him on MSN in the living room.

This morning I get up for work (at 4am) and I’m doing my own thing when my phone makes the sound it makes when an e-mail comes in, so I picked it up and looked at it and I noticed that I also had a new text message. I thought it was from someone I’d been hoping to hear from today so I opened it up and it was from Devon. It said:

“I just told your daughter one of my deepest darkest secrets and im sorry if you diaprove of me i want to be truth full no lies with her”

And this is what I said back:

That was exactly the right answer. Gold star for Devon. So I guess we’ll see how things go. I think Madison really really likes him so my plan is to do whatever I can to facilitate their relationship, which is really uncharacteristic of me, but since getting sick I’ve kinda decided that I really do want a house full of kids all summer whereas I’m normally the type to not allow any friends over at all because kids annoy the shit out of me and I’m paranoid our house is crappy and messy and everyone’s judging it.

Anyway, that’s the ongoing story of Devon. Like I said, I guess we’ll see what happens. And for the record, if I was 14, I’d probably date him too. He IS pretty cute.

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