July 3, 2012

Random Pics From My Life in June

Madison with her Tara McPherson prints.

Signing the log at Spring Fling.

Saw this while hunting for travel bugs.
I don’t think they know what that term means…

Big church in Midland.

The stupid cat has started sleeping on the stairs because I guess sleeping across the doorway just wasn’t trippy enough.


This is where I had to go for my kidney test on Thursday.

We went to the beach on Friday.
The kids had fun.
It mostly just bummed me out though. :o(

Afterward we got poutine, but I didn’t eat any because I felt kinda sick.
Obviously by the next morning, I would be super sick and in the hospital for 2 days…

 And that was all the random crap I found on my camera tonight when I was clearing its card.

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