June 15, 2012

So what do you think?

As I’ve been writing about, my friend Alan hooked me up with this sweet Polaroid starter package where you got the camera and 5 packs of film. Each pack has 10 pictures or exposures so that’s 50 pictures. (I know that’s stating the obvious but I suck at math so I have to do it “out loud”.)

Well, that’s awesome right? 50 pictures! That’s so many pictures! Except it isn’t…really…because Charlie sent me all these really neat Holga lenses for it (which is also awesome!) and testing those out really cuts into my 50 pictures.

Originally I *liked* having a set amount to work with but now it’s like…a curse and I’ll tell ya why: I Googled. I Googled “how do I use macro lens holga polaroid fuji” which *should* have been sufficient enough to pull up a tutorial of some sort on these lenses, not just the macro one, but nothing came up. I Googled other variations of that and the only consistent thing I got was that weird Live Journal black market “spree” thing.

Is my Google Fu just broken today? Why can’t the almighty internet provide here? I am having a really hard time coming up with a time the internet’s failed me like this. So then the next thing is, I’ll do the tutorial! I shall provide to save other people film! Which I would totally do and stuff but that wouldn’t leave me with much film for the hospital and I really want this camera at the hospital with me. The 50 pictures was 10 pictures a day for the 4-5 days they said they would probably keep me. I was going to receive the package, confirm that there was film in there, and put it away for the hospital. But then these lenses came. Before the camera even got here. And I had to try them out. So I figured, 10 pictures should be enough right? WRONG. There are 6 lenses, but like, the macro lens is 2 lenses and the “close up” lens is I think 4.

What I wanted to know is this: if it says “30 mm” on the front of the lens, is that the distance I need to be from my subject?  Because that’s what I thought it meant and for the macro lens, all I got was blur. I don’t even recognize the colours in the 2 pictures I took.

Anyway, I could blog about this or not, it really doesn’t matter to me. If it would interest you then let me know and I’ll think about writing posts about it. The only reason I hesitate is because a post like that takes a lot of time to put together between actually taking the pictures and scanning them in and cropping them, uploading them, writing the post etc. The other reason I hesitate is because as I said before, it would really eat into my now 40 pictures. I already have to figure out a way to buy another pack of film to compensate for what I’ve used to test things out already. I think maybe you can buy it at Wal*Mart but I’m not sure. Before when I had a Polaroid, I got it and the film at Shopper’s Drug Mart so if you can get it there, you can get it at Wal*Mart too. It’s also on Amazon but I can probably get it cheaper at Wal*Mart.

If we all decide that I won’t blog about it, I’ll just play with the lenses at the hospital and use them for art journaling as opposed to nice and tidy for tutorials when I get out of the hospital.

It would be fucking amazing to get that 9-pack on my wishlist because that would compensate for the 10 I “wasted” with the lenses yesterday/today, as well as give me enough exposures to do a tutorial about the camera and the lenses because they apparently don’t exist on the internet so I figure adding information to the pile is a GOOD thing! And of course, it would leave me with a lot to use at the hospital. Even BETTER is that I’ll have figured out the lenses by the time I go to the hospital (ideally) and my hospital shots will be so much nicer.

But I’m also happy just going with the flow and having what I have and doing what I do. :o) I am SO fortunate to even have this camera and the film and the lenses are this cool bonus that I’ll figure out in time. This is exactly what I wanted to take with me to the hospital and that’s what I got. So yay!

Honestly though, I’m really surprised I couldn’t find a tutorial on how to use the lenses. Holga’s not a household name or anything but they’ve been around for a really long time and so has Polaroid and I would have thought that one of those hipster Mormon mommy blogger people would have written something up about these by now, but nope. Not that I could see.

Tomorrow is the Central Ontario Geocachers Spring Fling 8. I have a ticket but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to go to it. It’s going to be like, 700-800 people. Chaos. Mayhem. We scouted out the area yesterday and did a couple of caches (crap, I always forget to log them, I still have to do that).

This was in a lamp post in a parking lot!
(The theme is pirates.)

Despite having seen the area I’m still not okay but at the same time, I took those hours off for a reason and I’m going to have to work the next 3 Mondays to work that Saturday off so I can’t just sit around the house wondering if I made a wrong decision which is exactly what I’d do. So I have to go. I really really don’t think I can go but I have to try and if I can’t be there, Blake brings me back home and they go back, it’s only 20 minutes away and the event starts at 8am. It’s weird seeing motels with signs that say things like “Welcome Geocachers!” and hearing people talking about renting campgrounds and things like that. This is a really big deal!

Anyway, I hope I can go and I hope I don’t royally fuck it up by having to come home. I’m still not even entirely sure what we’re doing besides dinner and a seminar or workshop or whatever on HTML in cache listings and probably Geocaching 101 because why not? We’re n00bs. I can’t imagine I’d be buying anything, we already have a ridiculous amount of trackables. We’ve decided not to do any caches because it’ll be just way too crazy and we live close enough that we can do them any time. So I guess workshops and food are all we’re really doing and if you break it down like that, I can probably relax a little bit.

We’ll see how it goes.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and hopefully it’s beautiful wherever you are!

PS. Do you ever wonder if you’re actually retarded and no one ever told you? Just curious.


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  1. scutterman says:

    I don’t know much about cameras, but doesn’t the “30mm” on the lens relate to aperture size or something?

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