February 5, 2012

Do This Don’t

I totally forgot to write about it at the time, but my new favourite website, besides Pinterest, is xoJane because I am and will forever be, in love with Jane Pratt and everything she does. I haven’t been an entirely faithful reader, I only go there every now and then and read like, everything they’ve put up since I was there last, but I just love the vibe of the site and most of the writers and I’ve tried a lot of their beauty advice over the past little while (makeup stuff).

Imagine how THRILLED I was to wake up Friday afternoon to “tune in” and see that not only have they proclaimed that overalls are BACK, but they had TWO WHOLE ARTICLES on them! Exhibit A/Exhibit B

Overalls are probably my favourite type of clothing. I would much rather rock a baggy pair of men’s overalls than a skirt ANY day of the week and dammit, I would look smokin’ hot doing it too. My mom and I are kind of obsessed with them, to be perfectly honest, although she says my love affair with them did not begin as young as I assumed it had. She tells me that she bought me an insanely cute pair of pink Osh Kosh overalls when I was 3 and I wouldn’t wear them “because they weren’t a dress”. Oh how times have changed.

Anyway, practically as soon as I read those two articles, I was digging through my drawers, trying to find my overalls and I found them yesterday and immediately put them on. Because of my herniated belly, they were pretty snug, but they still fit well enough to not only wear, but wear in PUBLIC, which I totally did and as I said, I looked smokin’ hot doin’ it.

So here are some pics. I even did my makeup. Yay me. :o)

(Weird angle, I know, but I was trying to get my eyeshadow angled right so it would show up.)



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  1. Hi, just ran over your website, being an overalls myself, together with a lot of both young and old, men and women, loving exactly what you and your mother, the best clothing item ever invented, overalls, especially a pair of well, almost worn out baggy overalls ! if you are on facebook, please join our international overalls day group, you can easily find it on facebook, if you are there, if not, doesn’t matter, but on my website, I have links to other overalls fans ! have an overall nice day ! niels

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