April 30, 2011

A few of the items that can be found in my Etsy shop!

They make perfect Mother’s Day gifts!
Just sayin’!

And I still have plenty of ACEOs!

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April 29, 2011

More CanPoli Spam

Where do the major Canadian political parties stand on digital issues? Here’s openmedia.ca summing up the platforms. Rating them out of 30, NDP score 29, Liberal 27, the Green party 24, while the Conservatives didn’t respond to the survey, mention very little about digital issues in their platform so don’t have a rating.

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Salt Spring Women Dump Stephen Harper

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Pretend there’s a clever title here.

This is a Sims post.

My friend Charlie gifted me The Sims 3 Barnacle Bay yesterday, which I was eager to play because I really enjoyed The Sims 3 World Adventures and I *thought* Barnacle Bay was supposed to be another vacation destination similar to the ones in that expansion. It was marketed as having some kind of local “secrets” that you were supposed to figure out and to do so, I assumed, you would have to explore tombs and caves like in World Adventures, which is why I liked that expansion.

But no.

Barnacle Bay is a $20 town. Nothing more. It’s just an extra town that was created by pirates and the only difference between it and the other towns is a new restaurant and 2 or 3 new beaches, which are boring because they’re the same as the beaches in all of the other towns. I feel totally cheated by this and will not be buying any more add-ons like this again because it simply wasn’t worth the $20 Charlie paid for it.

Speaking of Sims and rip-offs, the new expansion comes out on May 31st (I believe) and it’s called Generations. And the thing is, from the trailers I can’t figure out what makes it different than the Sims 3 base game. I know there are new interactions for the various stages of life, for example, teenagers can eggs houses (lovely), but that’s really all I’ve seen and I think this expansion is going to be a total rip-off. I will be getting a copy of course, I’m completeist that way, but I don’t have high hopes for it other than the fact that it may be a good expansion to play with my Legacy Family.

Sims Medieval? I love it and plan on finishing it. Yes, it’s a Sims game you can finish. I find that I can play for a couple of hours by knocking out a few quests and then I can call it a night, unlike the other Sims games that are a total time suck because you lose track of time so easily. Sims Medieval gets 2 enthusiastic thumbs up.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about the Sims.

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Which Canada will you vote for?

A comic.

In case I haven’t mentioned it recently, Stephen Harper also eats babies.

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April 28, 2011

If you lub this land, vote.

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Word of the Day


A person who lurks, then posts, on a site or blog, expressing concern for policies, comments, attitudes of others on the site. It is viewed as insincere, manipulative, condescending.

A concern troll commented, “You should be careful about what you write because you might get in trouble with the government.” Another concern troll wrote, “This debate makes our side look disorganized.”


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Window Shopping

My credit card finger is itchy but I can’t afford to put anything else on it because I’m going to be paying it off for a few more paycheques as it is, so I figure I’ll e-window shop instead. From Etsy, of course.

I really love this necklace. It’s from GlitzGlitter, which is my favourite Etsy shop and it’s $95.
I have an aquamarine necklace from them that I bought last year, which I love (and am wearing now) but it’s not as big and clear as this one and it doesn’t have the moonstone beads.

This art print will probably be my next Etsy purchase and it’s driving me crazy that I can’t purchase it now because I really love it. I’ve been watching her work for a long time and this one is perfect for the future office I envision and for which I’ve been collecting pieces here and there.

My step-mom Lisa is making tutus now and is planning on selling them on Etsy BUT she’s not selling them yet so I’ve had my eye on this one. This lady makes them to order and she would probably make me an adult version of this one for the right price, which is what I would want. Etsy has a ton of tutus like this but this shop is Canadian and part of the Oh Canada Team I’m on so that’s why I have her favourited.

I need more soap like I need another hole in the head, but look at this! It’s so pretty! And it’s lavender!

I just think this is so beautiful.

These are finger puppets! Of course I don’t NEED finger puppets and my kids are too old for them, but I wanted to send these to my little sisters so bad because I know they would love them and…I just realized they’re sold. :o( Oh well, she has plenty of other puppets in her shop that are pretty cool too!

I think this ring is so cool. This is by another one of my Oh Canada Teammates and has been on my radar for quite a while. Some of her stuff is kinda blah in my opinion, but she has a lot of really nice pieces mixed in. I don’t really wear rings because stuff on my fingers drives me nuts, but I wear my wedding ring (on my pinkie because it doesn’t fit anymore) when we go out and would probably wear other rings when we go out too.

This is mineral lipstick, which I’ve never used before.
I bought some lib balm from this shop in the fall that I really liked, so I think this product would be good too.

The next few items are by Danita who I already have a print by, of Frida Kahlo.
I love her Fridas though, I think they’re so cute.

This is a Frida by Tascha who lives in Toronto and who was in The Square Foot Show with me.

This is a $1200 wall tentacle that I really really really want and one day when I’m rich and famous, I will have it, dammit.

These rings are both by TheSlyFox who is the same girl that has the GlitzGlitter shop I love so much.
I’ve had both rings on my favourites list for a while now and I can’t tell which one I like better.
Both are moonstone.

This is a YERMIT and I love her.
This is by another one of my Oh Canada Teammates, from Guelph, Ontario.

This is just a bowl that would match my kitchen that I’ve had my eye on for a while.

Another item I would like to have in my future office.

These are sold, but I favourited them when they were still for sale because I thought they were a good idea. Realistically I could make my own, but I like to support people on Etsy so I probably wouldn’t.
Plus I don’t use my clothesline.

This shop has all kinds of cool leather journals that I’ve been drooling over for months. I don’t write hypergraphically anymore so I don’t go through a journal every month like I used to, but still, I would really like this because I still stockpile journals like they’re going out of style.

If I had $450 to spend on a bag, it would be this one.
They’re made from all recycled materials.

This piece is sold, but she has a lot of other funny ones in her shop!

This is sold too, but I love it so I’m posting it anyway.

I also like this one:

I think this is so cool. Expensive, but cool.
It is also made out of recycled materials.
One day, when we have THE house, I want this.

And I think that’s all I have in my favourites that I haven’t posted about before!
Happy shopping!

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Please Vote!

So as I’ve mentioned, my friend Amy works for a non-profit teen drop-in centre called The Neutral Zone, which is a safe haven for kids who need one and they’re in a contest with the Bank of Ann Arbor to win some much needed funding. That’s where you come in.

On Facebook, go to the Bank of Ann Arbor’s fan page and vote for Teen Centre Inc. (The Neutral Zone) by selecting them and answering the question, which this week is “The best local meal for under $15?. Vote every day for them by adding the app until May 12th so they can get a higher ranking and therefore get more money. If you do this, you would be doing a HUGE favour to me and my friend Amy and the kids that are helped by having this safe haven to go to.

It only takes a few clicks every day and it’s 100% for charity. Please help us! Thanks in advance. GO TEAM GO!

Amy adds:

“Hi Everyone,

Sorry to stir controversy. I just assumed that most people reading this have no experience with our local non-profit organizations, so why on earth would you vote for ours over someone else? Knowing full well that our winning means someone else losing, I thought some perspective would help.

And sure, any non-profit could use money. But over 18 years, having worked for — and volunteered for — more than a dozen organizations, I can tell you that a donation to one place really does mean more than a donation to another place.

I choose the Neutral Zone. Why? For the amazing programs I mentioned above. Also? Because I know that every dollar is spent carefully (not true for many places I have worked).

Because I know that we never, ever, ever, lie about or misrepresent what we do. (not true everywhere, I have quit before over being forced to lie to donors about where their money goes).

Because everyone here really is grateful, and really does work hard to treat everyone well and make a difference.

Because this is a place that should continue to exist. It really matters. I have always had to say that because it was my job and I was paid to do so — here I really mean it.

That’s all I meant to do — sorry if anyone took it the wrong way. I would never dream of saying the things I did in my comment publicly here in my town. I figured in the forum of Sunny’s blog, people here were pretty OK with telling it straight up how things are. Which is what I chose to do.

Thanks to ANYONE who decides to help us out. It really matters to me!

P. S.

I forgot to mention that we need to be IN THE TOP FIVE to get the $10,000. Not the top ten.




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