March 31, 2011

Checking my privilege.

I am privileged because…

  1. I am white. Blonde hair, blue eyes, the whole works.
  2. I won the birth lottery and live in the First World.
  3. I am heterosexual. (In fact, I’m probably asexual, but that’s a whole other post…)
  4. I am cisgender. (CigenderED? Not sure how you use that word. It’s new to me too.)
  5. I am able-bodied, for the most part (if you don’t count my uterine issues). I don’t know the PC term for that.
  6. I am middle-class.

What else?

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30 Day Music Challenge

Day 11 – A song from your favorite band


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March 30, 2011

The entire CDN army was just at my front door!


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Vote! Vote! Vote!

Ann Arbor’s Teen Centre, Inc. (Neutral Zone) slipped to #4! Please vote and help bring them back up to at least #3! WE NEED YOUR HELP! It only takes a few clicks and it’s for CHARITY!




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Show & Tell

I was going through some stuff on the top of my desk last month and found something I had completely forgotten about, which happens to also be one of my most prized possessions. You would think, being one of my most prized possessions, that I couldn’t forget about it, but I did and since I dug it out of the piles of crap on the top of my desk, I thought I’d take pictures of it to show you.

But first, the backstory…

When Madison was still in my uterus, I started collecting Beanie Babies, thinking that they’d :be worth money someday”. In my back shed, I literally have $900 worth of the things in boxes. Or at least the collection was worth $900 the last time I looked them all up, after doing a bit of research last month I’ve come to realize that most Beanie Babies have actually gone so far down in price that most of them are cheaper to buy now than they were originally at retail price. This is actually good news for me because whether they’re worth money of not, I really loved/love the little guys, particularly the bears, and now that I have a job and I have my own money, I fully intend to buy all the Beanie bears I could never afford when they were going for collectible prices.

So that brings me to my favourite Beanie Baby, behold, Sunny the e-Beanie:

She was special in that you had to sign up for some online Beanie Baby club Ty created in order to buy her, which I had to do considering her name and the fact that she was specifically an “e-Beanie”, as in “e-mail”, as in “the internet” and that, of course, has been my internet handle since the very beginning of time. In fact Sunny the e-Beanie’s birthday is only a couple of weeks before mine:

It was just this huge coincidence and out of all the Beanies I have, she is the most special to me and she sits in a protective case on top of my desk, but as I said, she often gets stuff piled on top of her.

All my Beanies have protective coverings over their hang tags so they stay in pristine condition:

Here you can see the special “e-Beanie” emblem on her chest:

I think there was a blue e-beanie after her, but Sunny was the first one and as I said, she’s one of my most prized possessions. That may sound lame to you since she’s just a stupid stuffed bear, a mass produced one at that who will probably never be worth anything, but even if she was, she’s special and I wouldn’t sell her for all the money in the world.

That is all.
Happy Wednesday!

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30 Day Song Challenge

Day 10 – A song that makes you fall asleep

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March 29, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge

Day 09 – A song that you can dance to

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Me, looking like a bag of crap.

I had to go to the doctor’s this morning to get repeats on my codeine contin (which he raised by 100mg/day) and Tylenol 3 (30mg codeine/300mg acetaminophen) and Naproxen. He lectured me about taking so much Tylenol because it’ll kill my liver, which I’m oh so aware of but I don’t see any alternatives here, which is why he raised my codeine contin. That’ll keep me from having to take so much Tylenol 1 (8mg codeine/300mg acetaminophen, 15mg caffeine) during the month and then I have the Tylenol 3 for when I’m actually on the rag and wanting to kick puppies. So was that clear? He lectured me about taking so much Tylenol and then rx’d me…more Tylenol. I’m not complaining because he did what I wanted him to do, I just thought it was funny.

I have today off because I had to go to the doctor’s this morning at 10:30am (we just got back now and it’s almost noon) when I start work at 10am usually, and then this afternoon is metabolic clinic. But this actually worked out well because I woke up to an e-mail from Belinda asking our boss for Saturday night off because it’s her boyfriend’s birthday. I have to make up my metabolic clinic hours on Saturday anyway (Belinda works nights) and Blake’s gone to Militiagan for another funeral this weekend anyway too, so I said I’d take today off and work Belinda’s shift Saturday night for her. Then I’ll still have Sunday off, which, if I’m working the night before, I’ll probably use to sleep in and then play Sims Medieval all day. So it all works out! I had intended to work from whenever metabolic clinic was over (we usually get home around 3:30 or 4pm) until 6pm, which is when my shift usually ends, but I decided I’m not going to bother and I’ll just make up the hours on Saturday since I’m needed then anyway. That means that I may actually make it to yoga tonight, which is good considering I haven’t actually been in about 4 or 5 weeks because work + metabolic clinic all in one day is too many things for me, so yoga has had to go by the wayside until metabolic clinic is finished on April 5th.

Speaking of yoga, our teacher is pregnated! She already has a toddler, she goes to school for holistic medicine and she has a full-time job on top of teaching yoga, so she’s going to be one busy lady. We’ve signed up for the next session because I’d like to continue once metabolic clinic is over and done with. As I may have mentioned a time or two, I absolutely love yoga and I’m really looking forward to going tonight since it’s been so long. I bet she’s going to make me sweat…

Today at metabolic clinic we’re discussion our addictions. I am 6 days smoke-free and talking about smoking makes me want to have one so I hope they gloss over that and just talk about the addiction part. This is our last real class I think, as next week is our “graduation” and evaluation session. I’m not really sure what that means but I do know that I’m going to need to fill out my module evaluation sheets which I’ve been neglecting to do unless they’ve specifically asked me to do them at the end of class, as they have in some instances.

I’ve been doing the treadmill daily. The first day I did a total of 55 minutes but then the next day I was sore because my shoes are those Sketcher’s Shape Ups so I only did 20 minutes and I’ve only been doing 20 minutes since. In fact, instead of writing this post, I should probably get on the treadmill, especially since I’m at the very tail end of The Virgin Suicides and I’d really like to finish it so I can star Freedom by Jonathan Franzen since that’s Oprah’s current book club pick and I think she’s going to be doing the show about it sometime soon. I’ve never read one of Oprah’s book club picks while the book club was happening before and I’ve always skipped those episodes as a result, but this being her last season I figured I’d give it a shot, especially since I read in Adbusters that my generation doesn’t read enough Jonathan Franzen, so there’s that too. Have any of you read this book? What did you think of it? I don’t even know what it’s about, I haven’t read the back or anything and I know absolutely nothing about the author or his previous works. But whatever, I’m looking forward to cracking the spine on that thick sucker and I love that I got a treadmill with a book stand. Reading while walking is turning out to be something that I really enjoy. The treadmill even has a place for an MP# player to be plugged in and two cup holders that fot a can of Coke Zero perfectly. I’m totally set up!

Yesterday Blake brought me home dirt so when I’m NOT wearing my $200 hockey jersey or going to yoga, I have to start my veggies on the window sill. I have Super Sugar Snap peas, Napoli carrots, Thunder cucumbers, Parade green onions, Golden cherry tomatoes, Sugary cherry tomatoes and Big Beefsteak tomatoes. All I’m going to start inside this week is the cucumbers and all the tomatoes. The peas did fine last year with just being stuck in the garden and hopefully the carrots and onions will do the say. Last year the garden got overrun with weeds and I didn’t know what were weeds and what were vegetables so I couldn’t weed and the carrots and onions never grew. Neither did any of the herbs (that I know of, like I said, I couldn’t tell the difference between them and the weeds). This year I’m going to do herbs in pots on the porch, although part of me is thinking “why bother?” because fresh herbs at the grocery store really aren’t that expensive and we use frozen basil chunks for Blake’s awesome cherry tomato pasta anyway and I think they’re only $2.99 for 20 cubes. (I think he uses 4 in the tomato thing, maybe a bit more.) It just seems like, for the pain in the ass of it, it would just be easier to buy fresh herbs at the grocery store than tend my own.

Blah, I’m babbling. I’m gonna go finish The Virgin Suicides and get on the treadmill. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

PS. Yes I know I need to get my roots done. I was going to go to the new salon here in town to have highlights put in, but I’m broke right now so I bought a box of hair dye today at the pharmacy instead. I’ll go to the salon another time and just get Blake to trim my ends with my awesome art scissors. No big deal.

Okay, to tread I go!

PPS. I can’t go to yoga tonight! We’re playing the Sabres and I have to tweet 100 times about how much I hate Ryan Miller! Curses!

March 28, 2011

I got flowers today!

Thanks, Ruggedo! <3
(My mom gave me the pussy willows.)

We have:
Candystripe cosmos – 1/4 lb
Daydream cosmos – 1/4 lb
Gloria cosmos – 1/4 lb
Purity cosmos – 1 lb
Radiance cosmos – 1/4 lb
Bachelor Buttons – 1 lb
Organic Russian Mammoth sunflower seeds – 1/4 lb
Grandpa Ott morning glories – 1/4 lb

For those new to Sunnyland, my entire front “lawn” is actually a wildflower garden. Here’s what it looked like in 2009:

You can view the whole history of “Keep Off the Lawn” by clicking here.

Last year we really focused on the vegetable garden in the BACKyard and mid-summer I actually got depressed and anxious over the front yard, which happens when you have issues leaving your house, so I had Blake mow it down. :o( But THIS year it’s going to look fabulous and I have it on good authority that the kids are going to help me keep it weeded so that’s a plus and I’m kinda stoked. The seeds for the veggie garden came last week, as did these things you use to hang plants upside down! I’m going to use one for golden cherry tomatoes, one for regular cherry tomatoes and one for cucumbers.

Anyway, Blake’s picking me up some dirt today so I can get the grow op on the windowsill in the living room started and then it will really be spring!

“Magenta Love Fairy” is finished!

“Magenta Love Fairy” is available in the shop!

(More pics on Etsy!)

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