November 30, 2010

Oh, Wes.

Obviously jumping on beds is not forbidden in this house.

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November 29, 2010

Buy Handmade!

These kthulu babies are two of the things my little sisters (ages 6 and almost 2) are getting from me for Xmas.
They are backpack buddies and I bought them HERE.

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November 28, 2010

Willowing has a new art course!

Click here to see her promo video!
This one should be a lot of fun!

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November 26, 2010

Mounds of Nipples

So Camwhores right now is doing a blogging contest where you blog about the adventures your nipples go on and at the end of the month the members vote and whoever wins wins a cute little pink netbook. I am not taking part in the contest because I won the last one they had and it didn’t feel right but I have been very entertained so far by it, especially by my friend Belinda who is absolutely KILLING.

You can look at Belinda’s Camwhores blog by clicking here, but know that it’s NSFW since, y’know, it’s a contest about nipples. You can click here to see everyone’s entries.

Don’t believe me that this is awesome? Well here’s part of one of Belinda’s entries, called The Breasts Are Alive With the Mounds of Nipples:

If she doesn’t win this thing, I swear to god I’m gonna start lighting people on fire. Just look at her entries, they’re amazing. (Which I knew they would be as she’s probably the most creative person I know.)

November 25, 2010

Leave it to Lucky…

Long story short:
Ronny painted our kitchen today.
I managed to keep the kids out of it but totally forgot that Lucky’s
…a few Milkbones short of a full box.

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Beauty is not how skinny you can be!

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November 22, 2010


I now literally subscribe to Whore magazine.
You should too.

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November 21, 2010

If you want to destroy my sweater, oh-whoa-whoa…

I needed inspiration so tonight we went to Michaels’ with no real plan in mind except loosely “jewels, paint, paper & lace” because when you walk in the store, that’s the route we usually take to get to the important stuff.

I wore one of my new sweaters that Charlie got me for Xmas. :o)
Nice Tampax in the open medicine cabinet, huh?

The sweater is actually more grey than it appears in this picture.
I have no idea how the children get this mirror so messy. What are they doing, whipping their hair back & forth?

This picture shows the colour of the sweater better:

It also shows off my other pair of new glasses, which I don’t think you guys have seen yet.
Also, my boobs.

I wore one of my GlitzGlitter necklaces.
That one’s a pink Swarovski crystal.

But really the whole reason I’m making this post is because I found something really awesome at Michael’s that I don’t think I’ll use any time soon, but I had to buy them anyway.


Did you guess LEAVES?
Well I suppose you’d be right if you guessed leaves for that is what they actually are, but when *I* saw them, know what I thought they should be?


Inspiration was therefore a complete success, even though we never found any lace, which I’m almost completely out of. We also never found wide tulle ribbon with flecks of silver in it, which I use for my fairy wings and I’m almost out of too. :o/ I got white tulle ribbon with silver glitter embedded in it which is okay but not what I wanted at all and now that it’s home and being compared to what I’m almost out of, I don’t think it’s wide enough for what I use it for. I also got wide white tulle ribbon that just happens to be shiny and thought maybe I could splatter paint it with silver, like with a toothbrush or something, all at once. Just lay out out outside before it snows and do it all up at the same time. It’s a thought anyway.

I also bought coloured staples, which I’d wanted for my grant proposal but couldn’t find, tiny pink and blue Swarovski crystals to be used as bindis. I also got larger ones that look like diamonds. Two tubs of varnish, although when I came home I realized I already had three tubs in my paint box and one on the go so I’m probably good for that at the moment. I just get so nervous that they’re going to discontinue the stuff so I buy one or two tubs every time I’m there just in case. What else did I get? A silver chain that’s going to be used in a mermaid painting, I think. PINK DUCT TAPE for no real reason other than it was PINK FUCKING DUCT TAPE. Red satin roses which will be used when I finally start doing my burlesque dancers. LOTS & LOTS of paper, including glitter-encrusted paper that was $3.49 a sheet. A lot of metallic cardstock in all kinds of colours because I use it a lot. A few different shades of red and yellow paint, as well as a gold colour that I didn’t have because they didn’t have the gold colour I actually wanted but the one I got was close enough that it doesn’t matter.

Then I bought Blake Starbucks and I got dinner at KFC on the way home. Pretty uneventful, but all the stuff I got has me fairly fired up to get some paintings done so I suspect that’s what I’ll be doing tonight and tomorrow.

November 18, 2010

For Mira

Mira made us buttons for our Scratching Post Breakfast Club and asked us all to model them or she’d hunt us down and kill us. So here’s mine, naturally…

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November 15, 2010


I just finished applying for an Ontario Arts Council emerging artist grant and thought I’d share this coming year’s artist statement with everyone since I took the time to write it up. Regardless or whether or not I get a grant, the goals outlined in the statement are still my goals for 2011, although it’ll probably be 1 painting per month as opposed to 2 because that’s all I can afford to do. (I’ll explain after the statement.)


My work is shiny, glittery, magical mixed media paintings on canvas. They are comprised of painted paper dolls, with paper dresses, that usually have 3D details such as tulle skirts, lace trim, jewelled bindis, handfuls of pearls and bodices laced with real thread. All of my pieces have glittered, metallic backgrounds and they are all sealed with a thick, glossy varnish that gives them a layered, finished look – like the glossy metallic finish on a car (that’s unfortunately very difficult to photograph, but I tried my best). I use three different types of glitter in my pieces: standard, fine glitter, short, tinsel-shaped glitter and chunky, flaked glitter, all of which shimmer and shine in different ways when covered with the epoxy-like varnish I use.

Thematically my girls are fantastical, generally being fairies, angels, mermaids or pretty girls in ball gowns who are not unlike princesses. Most of the paintings I make are intended to enchant children, however most of those who collect my work (to date) are adults.

In 2010 I reached an artistic goal that I had outlined in last year’s artist statement and which is now my main goal for 2011: I learned how to properly shade the faces of women of colour and it is now my main mission to create multicultural versions of past designs for a multicultural Canadian population. I want to create racially diverse fairies, angels, mermaids and princesses for racially diverse Canadian girls.

(Having said that, I don’t actually assign these new girls races, they are just the skin colours they are.)

I plan to reach 2011’s goal by creating as many paintings that feature girls of colour as I can (ideally two or more per month) and selling them in my Etsy shop (, as I’ve been doing for the past 3 years. In order to get my paintings on the walls of charmed little girls, as opposed to the walls of charmed adults, it is my hope that I will also be able to have my work featured in childrens’ boutiques across Ontario and eventually across Canada. Both painting and promotion require money that I don’t have since I don’t break even with my Etsy shop, which is what a grant would be used for, should I be awarded one.

Thank you very much for your consideration,

S. Crittenden

The straight fact of things is that my audience, the people who buy my paintings, are white adults aged 20-40. To my knowledge, in the past 3 years, only one of my paintings actually ended up on the wall of a child. And I’m fine with that, truly. I mean, at the end of the day I don’t care who buys my paintings or why. However, as I was painting my first 2 girls of colour, I didn’t think that I had an audience for them and since neither one has sold, I suspect I may have been correct. I don’t think that the intended audience for these new girls is there yet and because of that, I don’t expect to sell as many of them as my white girls. Although one WAS just featured in an Etsy treasury the other day… (And before you accuse me of being racist or saying that my audience is racist: I painted a girl with pink hair in the spring and the girl who bought her bought her because she had pink hair too. Same thing happened with one of my girls that had rainbow hair. A lot of the people who buy my paintings see something of themselves in the girl on the canvas and so far all of those people have been white. That’s all I’m saying, although I admit I’m probably saying it badly because I’m still learning the rules of being politically correct.) No audience means my little art business will have zero income in 2011 because girls who aren’t white all I intend to paint.

Zero income means zero means to promote to boutiques and get that audience by way of exposure. Therefore, without this grant I will have no means by which to create the postcards I had planned on sending to childrens’ boutiques across Canada and the US (I didn’t mention the US in my grant because the OAC tends to like to keep things “in house”, if ya get my meaning). These postcards were going to be made from professionally photographed paintings, so there’s some cost involved there, not to mention the cost of printing them, mailing them and the “time cost” associated with finding all of these boutiques to send them to. Truthfully, I was going to teach Madison how to do it and pay her to come up with a mailing list.

It is true that my Etsy shop breaks even, minus the cost of one trip to Starbucks per painting sold. There is the old adage that one must spend money to make money and I agree with that. A business is not expected to make a profit in something like its first 2 years of operation or something like that. Well, my shop’s be open 3 and the only “profit” I’ve made, minus Starbucks, is the dress I bought for the opening of The Square Foot Show, but even that could be considered a business expense even though I’ll probably wear it to many other things. Besides that, the money made from paintings goes directly back into materials. For example, the papers I use for their dresses can be very expensive.

Without getting into specifics, I sell enough to be able to continue producing. This grant would allow me to reach the goals laid out in the artist statement, but I’d also be able to use higher quality materials – $4.99+ papers as opposed to $1.29 papers or papers from other countries via eBay, for example – and it would allow me to keep things afloat without the pressure that if I don’t sell, I can’t create.

Without the grant and without selling any paintings in 2011, I have enough canvases, paint and paper in my stash to make 1 painting per month for the entire year. A couple of other things would probably have to be purchased from personal funds to get them all done (such as gel medium) but I would manage. Hence the smaller goal should I not get a grant.

I’m not looking for ideas on how to meet the “with grant” goals. I don’t want to hear that I could save money by photographing my paintings myself and making postcards out of those (you’ve all seen my pictures…). Money makes things easier. Money makes me worry less. If I don’t have the money, I don’t want to have to worry about the “how”, so I’m choosing to erase the goal altogether. Or at least that part of it.

I have no idea if I’m going to get this grant or not, I’m thinking probably not since so few people actually get them, but that’s the plan if I do and if I don’t.

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