February 28, 2010


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Oh Canada! Indeed!

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February 26, 2010

“just like honey” is SOLD!

But there are still plenty of things to buy in my Etsy shop! Check ’em out!

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February 23, 2010

What What!!!

Now I have 2 months to psych myself up to actually going…

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Share the Crazy Cheezy Dream

Share the Crazy Cheezy Dream.

Please take a second to view/rate/retweet/post/fave/post on Facebook this video. My friend Bobby’s friend Mark has vowed to donate all of the quarter million dollar prize to cancer related charities in honour of his mother and he gets point for all of the different ways you can interact with it. So please do all of the above if you can. You can connect using Facebook/Live Journal/Twitter/WordPress/a ton of others (and he gets points for every time you do this)  so you don’t have to sign up for anything. Do it if you hate cancer.

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I was named after “Danny’s Song” by Anne Murray. My mom thought I was going to be a boy and was going to call me “Daniel” after the song, but I was a girl, so my middle name is Danielle instead. Here’s the song:

To this day, the song makes me bawl like a baby, thinking about my mom being 15, listening to it and daydreaming about her baby. It destroys me.

That’s why I prefer this version by Me First & the Gimme Gimmes:

Anyway, my birthday is in 6 days and you should totally buy me presents because I’m awesome. :oD

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February 22, 2010

Skating on the Lake

Yesterday while I was in bed wanting to die due to this stomach flu/codeine withdrawal combo I’ve got going, Blake took the kids to my mom’s boyfriend’s cottage for a day of skating on the lake. John (my mom’s boyfriend) was nice enough to send them home with pictures and here they are. :o)

My mom drinkin’ & skatin’.

My mom & Madison.

My mom & Wes.

Chris (John’s son), Wes & my mom.

Blake, Wes & my mom.

Madison & Wes haz a bucket.

Madison & Wes

Chris & Wes


Blake, Chris, John, my mom, Wes & Madison


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February 15, 2010

Sooooooooo funny.

So as I mentioned, it’s Love Your Vulva month over at Buttercup (NSFW this month!) and in honour of this month’s theme, my friends Alex and Ronny baked the most obscene cookies ever made. Would anyone care for a tasty vulva snack?

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February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Super old cam pic from when I made hundreds of wax paper hearts for mobiles that I put up over our windows for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favourite holidays, even though these days I don’t do a whole lot for it. In past years, I’ve been known to do special creative projects for the holiday, such as the mobile pictured above, or I’ve sent out Valentines to my online friends, but as I’ve gotten older (and poorer and busier)  these things have fallen by the wayside. That’s okay though, because I know it won’t always be like this and I’ll be able to do more in future years. (Kind of like my attitude toward Halloween. I want to be one of those families that decorates their house and gives out awesome candy but alas, we don’t get any trick-or-treaters where we are and couldn’t afford to do it even if we did.)

Anyway, Blake & I aren’t doing anything special today, especially because he, Wes & I seem to have a particularly nasty stomach bug of some kind and our bathroom has practically had a revolving door all weekend.

Valentine’s Day means two things, however. It means that there’s only two weeks until my birthday and everyone should get me lots & lots of presents and it also means that there’s one month until Steak & Blowjob Day. Since my article on giving head is linked on the Steak & BJ Day website, it means that my site is currently getting twice the traffic it normally gets and by the time the actual holiday rolls around, my traffic will have tripled. That’s a whole lot of new people around here reading my crap! So hello new people! Welcome to Sunnyland! Glad to have ya. :o)

Another thing Valentine’s Day means, to me and some of my friends at least, is that it’s Love Your Vulva day, or V-Day for short, something that we’ve been celebrating all month over at Buttercup. Buttercup’s actually been pretty hoppin’ all month, you should pop over there and check it out. So far this month we’ve had articles on VDay.org, Katie’s sexually repressed upbringing, how chicks dig porn, Blake’s experiences growing up in a penis-centric world, an article on our featured site, Camwhores.com, an article on vulva art, phenomenal woman, Holly Hughes, who you’ve probably never heard of but probably should, and finally an article by Jade about some of the strangest vulva-centric products we’ve ever seen – with much more to come during the rest of the month! We’ve also added two new groups to the mix. S/he is a group about sexism and so far the conversations have been really interesting and enlightening and we also added a group for sports, which needs a better name than “Sports”, so if you have any ideas on that, we’d love to hear them! Along with the new groups, we’ve also redesigned the front page a little bit and we have plans to redesign it further for next month. Lots of changes thanks to the feedback we got from the Buttercup community at the end of January! Thanks readers!

So, things over at Buttercup are doing good. You should take a peek if you get the chance. :o)

I realize this month I’ve been fairly quiet as far as blog posts go and there are a million reasons for that, namely preparing for and celebrating Wes’ 7th birthday, but also I’ve been hard at work painting ACEOs for my Etsy shop since art is pretty much all I can do when I’m in the kind of pain I’ve been in for the past couple of weeks due to endometriosis issues. I plan on doing nothing but working on ACEOs until this batch is finished because so far, they’ve proven to be pretty popular items in my Etsy shop, having sold half of the first batch I put up 2 weeks ago with the other half getting plenty of views. This first batch that I put up was of gold & black and purple & gold cards and right now all that’s left is the gold ones. The ones I’m working on are more purple & gold ones, some green & gold ones and a whole bunch of red & gold ones. I’ll, of course, make a post when this batch is ready and up on Etsy. In the meantime, you should take a look at the gold & black ones I have up there currently as I think they turned out rather well and hey, these things are supposed to be collectible, so if you buy a gold & black one this month, there’s no reason you can’t buy a red & gold one next month! *cough*

As I’m reading the Etsy forums, I’m learning that ideally what you’re supposed to do is market to people outside of Etsy and bring them into your shop. For that reason, I spent yesterday afternoon designing Moo cards with my artwork on the front of them and my website addresses on the back to include a couple with Etsy orders. By including more than one, it means the buyer will probably keep one and potentially give the other one(s) to friends. I’m also working on getting the funds for another promotional item, which I’ll write more about after I have the money to order them and actually send them out to people. If all goes as planned though, they’re pretty cool – or at least I think so – plus they have sentimental value, which again, I’ll write more about when I actually have them in my possession. (I’m only 1 ACEO sale away from being able to order them!)

And I guess that’s all I really have to say at the moment. It’s been a busy month and it’s going to continue to be busy. My neighbour’s daughter, Ashley, is due to have her baby any day now, so since my neighbour (Judy) doesn’t have a camera, I’ve lent her mine and that’s why there haven’t been pictures of anything in my recent posts. Ashley was actually due like, 4 or 5 days ago, so she could literally pop any day now and I should get my camera back soon.

Okay, I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I’m off to watch the Olympics and work on these ACEOs.

February 7, 2010

Coyotes! Listen!

The dog barking in the background is Lucky. he doesn’t usually bark when the coyotes are out, but when I run outside to try & record them, he barks like…”What the fuck are you doing? There’s coyotes out there!”

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