April 30, 2009

2 Awesome Things

1. Suicide Girls Do Fight Club (interesting since they’re named for a Palahniuk book, Survivor, I think)

2. “Rap Chop”


April 29, 2009


Oooooh my god I’m so tired. For some reason, which I have to discuss with my shrink, I can’t seem to sleep for more than 4 hours at a time anymore and it’s bugging the crap out of me. I don’t know if it’s because medication A has stopped working or because medication B was increased or what, but as I said, it’s bugging the crap out of me. I’m kinda lucky in that my non-schedule is very flexible and I can pretty much sleep whenever I want/need to but this is getting ridiculous.

All last week this woman named Tracey kept calling the house for me and leaving messages to call her back, but as I tend to do when that happens, I ignored the messages, especially since I was fairly certain this was my new caseworker who I’m loathe to deal with. Especially since she sounded annoying on the messages. Well, I finally called her back yesterday and now I have to go see her on Monday. To be perfectly honest here, and I told her this, I have no idea what her job is or what she’s supposed to be doing for me. I think she’s supposed to do stuff with the immersion therapy and helping me set goals and work on time management, but I’m not sure and I guess I’ll find out on Monday. At 10:30 in the morning. IN THE MORNING, PEOPLE. Ugh.

And as much as I’m bitching, when it was suggested by my shrink that I get a caseworker, I agreed and I do need one…probably…so there’s really nothing to bitch about. Except for the whole getting up before noon thing. (Poor baby, I know, I’ll live. I’ll just be very very cranky.)

Last night I fell asleep within the first few minutes of 90210 (the horror!), so I’ll have to catch it on Ninja Video later this week, but that means I fell asleep at 9pm, Blake marched me to bed at 10pm and lo & behold, I was awake at 2am, laying in bed, wishing I could shut my brain off and sleep through the night. But, that didn’t happen, so by 2:45am I was crawling out of bed and into my studio to find something to do.

Due to the fact that this Hypercube contest has pretty much consumed my life for the past 2 weeks I’ve been seriously neglecting my artwork and I decided last night that I needed to rectify that, so I threw on a movie, lit some lavender incense and got to work on the girls who are going to adorn two of the canvases I posted pictures of about two weeks ago. The 4 canvases are a series that I have yet to name, but the two girls I’m working on now are a ballerina and a flower girl, while the two I have still to work on are going to be a princess and a cheerleader. For the latter two though, I’m still waiting for one element for one of them and still trying to find a quote I need for he other. The ballerina and flower girl ideas are complete though, so all I have to do is actually get them on canvas and they’re done.

It took me all night to draw them, then it took me all morning to shade and paint their faces. Later tonight if I’m still up (I’ve only had a 3 hour nap since 2am), I’ll work on their hair, dresses and finally, their arms (which is the tricky part I hate doing).

Here’s a picture of the ballerina with just the shading done (with watercolour pencil – oh how I wish Inktense pencils had a proper pink/yellow ochre, it would make my life a whole lot easier), the flower girl is on the right, not shaded:

Then I go over the shading with a Caucasian flesh colour mixed with glazing liquid and lightened up, in the case of the flower girl, with white. (So the ballerina has straight up flesh colour + glazing liquid, then I added white to do the flower girl because I wanted her to be more pale, not sure if the picture conveys that well, though.):

I still have to go over the flower girl’s eyes with black, she kinda looks a bit cracked out in person at the moment, but other than that, their faces are finished and I’m ready to go onto the next steps.

After procrastinating on this project for the past two weeks due to being consumed with Hypercube stuff it felt good to actually do something productive. I’m not sure what a lit a fire under my ass today, but progress was definitely on the agenda.

Due to the glittered backgrounds with these 4 paintings I don’t think I’m going to be able to make prints from them and because I think the ideas are so solid, especially…and y’know, I’m not gonna jinx my productive streak with money talk.

Onto other things…like Hypercube stuff

Currently I’m ranked #8 and Blake is #9, which is okay. That’s not to say to stop voting, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF KITTENS DO NOT STOP VOTING, it just means that A) several of the people in the top 10 with us are french and thus, are sort of in a totally different category than we are and B) we found out yesterday that votes only account for 20% of your overall score. I think by being in the top 10 or maybe even the top 20, you’re gonna earn 100% of that 20% so as far as I’m concerned, unless something really bad happens in the next 2 weeks or people stop voting, we’re probably golden in getting that 20%. That leaves 80%, which is comprised of (as far as the e-mail @thehypercube sent out yesterday) “uniqueness, creativity, personality, enthusiasm and a wide variety of talents or approaches“.

Well, I’m unique, there’s no denying that. Got the creativity part pretty much down. Personality? Admittedly, I may be an acquired taste. Enthusiasm? On a scale of 1 to Telma Costa, I’d give myself an 8. I’ve shown up for every Tweetup, I’ve participated in all things Twitter and Facebook, I’ve answered 95% of the Questions of the Day, I’ve given people pep talks along the way, I’ve helped people out where I can, I’ve spammed the entire friggin’ internet DAILY with all things Cube…yeah, I’m a pretty solid 8, I think.  As far as the “wide variety of talents or approaches” part, that’s tough. Painting’s not that unique of a talent, neither is writing or blogging, social creativity however, is. I think, as my votes reflect, I’m kinda good at that and according to the contest’s own press release “social creativity” is what they’re looking to reward. My approach from the very beginning, as it says on my canvas that hasn’t changed since day 1, is to just be myself  – warts & all – and at the end of this thing it’s going to come down to whether or not I’m what they’re looking for. If I am, awesome, I get a car! If I’m not, then I’m not and there’s nothing I can really do about it. I’m no worse for wear. Truthfully though, I feel pretty good about my chances. Or at least I did until yesterday. Yesterday I may have sunk myself. :o/

Yesterday @thehypercube asked us 5 questions in regards to what to do after the contest ends and my answers were of the “zag” variety to others’ “zigs”. At first I didn’t really think much of it, I mean, I’m an honest person, lip service isn’t in my repertoire so I just answered the questions with whatever came out of my head at the time. Not all of my feelings on the things asked were rainbows and sunshine. Here’s what was asked:

  1. Would you like to keep the community going?
  2. What would you like to do with the community? Cube spotting, friending each other on the site, monthly give-aways?
  3. What would you use the site for? Creative forum? Keep using the canvases? Open canvases up to everyone?
  4. Would you want to keep me, or the twitter account, or would you guys like to take turns ‘owning’ the moderation/twitter account?
  5. What would make the site more useful to you?

Here were my answers, in 140 character format because we had to reply to them on Twitter:

1. Yes, but “the community” for me really only encompasses Twitter and I have no brand loyalty to Nissan to blog on their site…

without good reason, or waste words on a Nissan forum or even keep a canvas up. I’ll only have a Nissan connection if I have…

…a Cube and unless I win one, that’s simply not going to happen. So “yes” with a lot of reservations.

2. I dunno what “cube spotting” is, I can already “friend” people on LJ where I’ve been for 10 years, might stick around for…

…monthly giveaways but other than a Cube, I can’t see myself being all that interested in anything Nissan could give me.

3. I hate the canvases. I think they’re buggy and awful and I’m only using one to win a Cube. I wouldn’t use one otherwise.

I already belong to 3 other “creative forums” that I’ll go back to once the contest is closed…

…unless I’m a winner and then I’ll be the biggest Nissan creativity cheerleader there ever was. Opening canvases up to…

…everyone means too many canvases. I mean really, if the contest isn’t happening, are people really going to get “exposure”…

…that amounts to anything from a Nissan canvas? I know I won’t and I know that even with the contest I’m not.

4. I think @thehypercube should always be you or an agency/Nissan representative.

As long as the Twitter account didn’t get spammy, I’d still probably follow.

5. I don’t honestly know. I am in love with the idea of blogging for Nissan’s newest brand should I be a winner, but I wouldn’t…

…blog on the site otherwise, so blog wouldn’t be useful to me. A forum wouldn’t be useful to me, nor more canvases.

I just don’t see the site as being possibly useful to me unless I’m there for a purpose and the only purpose I foresee is…

…if I’m a winner and I’m obligated to blog on the site at least twice a month for a year. There’s nothing else to keep me there.

See what I mean? But the thing is, I was being honest and not just from a personal perspective, but from an ad school dropout perspective. Sure a LOT of people were like “yeah! let’s keep the community going and add this & that and do this and that and blah blah blah!” but the fact of the matter is, this is Angie’s (the creative director behind @thehypercube) job so if this is all lip service because people are afraid to hurt their chances in the contest by saying anything negative or anti-community and it DOESN’T work out? She could be in trouble.

And the thing is, MOST of the community aspect happening in this contest is on Twitter alone, it has nothing to do with the site. The community was there before the site even had anything on it, before we even got our profile e-mails, before a single canvas went up. And I’m sorry to say, but of the 500 people we have competing in this thing, how many do you really think are going to stick around when they’re not one of the 50 chosen? How many people, in the grand scheme of 500, are REALLY into the community aspect? We have our little core group of folks on Twitter who help each other, talk every day and fuck around at Tweetups, but that’s a tiny fragment of the overall 500. Also a tiny fragment of this 500 (?) are Cube enthusiasts. The majority of the people – and believe me, I go look at every single canvas every 2 days – just want a free car. They don’t want a Cube specifically, they want a free pair of wheels. Hell, the amount of people who still think they’re trying to win a “hypercube” is STAGGERING. The majority are in it for themselves and that’s a fact. They’re not gonna stick around after the contest is over without incentive…

…and there’s been talk of the possibility of giving away more cars a year from now, which is all fine & good, but I won’t be sticking around for that contest. If what I did this time around wasn’t good enough, what I do a year from now isn’t going to be good enough either, keeping in mind that my entire strategy – which they themselves are pushing – is to be myself. The other give-away stuff that was mentioned was like, car packages, like…if you didn’t get shag carpeting on your car this time around, you can win some. Or a new stereo. Or a spoiler. Well, if I don’t win a Cube, what am I going to do with that stuff? That’s not incentive for me to stick around. I can’t afford a Cube, so the only way I’m going to have one is if I win one and if I win one, I’m contractually obligated to blog on the site twice a month for a year, so as I said, I’ll be the biggest brand cheerleader the world has ever seen.

As I said in my response yesterday, I already belong to 3 different creativity forums, 4 if you want to count I Have an Idea, and all of those forums are going to serve my art business better than the Nissan site ever could. And unless there’s a damn good reason, I don’t really want my stuff under the banner of a corporate brand, especially when the only “benefit” to me doing so is what…extra traffic to my site? Well here’s the thing about that: I’ve sent Nissan 7930+ visits to their site, but they’ve only sent me 189. Who’s benefiting whom? And how is that going to change when there aren’t a billion people being spammed with the url every day because there’s a contest going on and people want votes? The fact of the matter is, a potential client isn’t going to seek out my services (or anyone else’s, in my opinion) on the Hypercube website. There are a million other websites that already serve that purpose that people already use.

I wouldn’t blog on the Nissan site without compensation. Why should I? I’ve been doing this a long time ago and I learned the hard way that you don’t just give your content away, especially not to a multinational company that can afford to pay you. Plus, bloggers outside of the 50 winners would take away from those chosen, in part, for their ability to blog about the product.

A forum for Cube enthusiasts open to everyone? Sure, I can see that working, although I’m only going to be a Cube enthusiast, as I said, if I win one and I think the majority of the people in this contest are with me on that, so is it worth it? I dunno.

I hate that I’m so negative on the site changing and staying open to everyone/the general public once the contest is done, but I think it should run its course with this contest, have the contest end on a high note, have the 50 winners blog on it for a year and serve as advertising for the brand and then maybe in a year, repeat the contest again. I think anything beyond that and you run the risk of the naysayers (and  there are many) being right about this whole “never been done” “social media experiment”. You wanna pop, not fizzle. Go out on a high note. Or even AFTER the contest is over, a few months later. THEN play with adding things to the site, but distance it from the Hypercube contest. I like the idea someone threw out of giving new Cube owners a code or something to access the site and maybe post on a forum or something like that. But that’s an idea completely separate, in my mind, from the Hypercube contest.

I’d just really hate to see a really interesting, never been done before “social media experiment” be ruined by pushing it further than it can feasibly go.

ANNNNNND there would have been pictures of Cubes all throughout this verbose recap of yesterday’s thoughts, but I asked twice on Twitter more than 3 & a half hours ago for the link to the gallery of pictures Nissan provided us to use because I couldn’t find it myself on the Cube Club Canada forum and our “amazing, groundbreaking Hypercube community”, including @thehypercube, failed to help me out. So, uh…there are no pictures. [Pretend there’s snark here. Originally there was but I thought better of it.]

Anyway, Blake told me that perhaps being honest with my answers yesterday was a bad move and if that’s the case then I guess elaborating on those thoughts in THIS post was a REALLY bad move, but whatever, I’m just trying to be realistic and avert disaster. Whether anyone believes it or not, I care a great deal as to the outcome of this “experiment” and win or lose, as a student of advertising I don’t want to see it fail. I hope I’ve done a good enough job of conveying that and it is my hope that I won’t be penalized for having an opinion that may differ from others.

So since my dinner’s here and Lost is on, I guess that’s all I really have to say. Please please please keep voting, there are only 17 days left, and before I finish this entry, lemme throw up a couple of fansigns:

Sara from Vancouver thinks I need a Cube!

Lexi from Barrie, Ontario not only thinks that I’d look good in a Cube, but she also thinks that you should vote every single day and send me more fansigns!

Here’s the info:

Register to vote at Hypercube.ca, log in and then click on each of these links to vote for our audition canvases:

Sunny’s Audition Canvas | Blake’s Audition Canvas

See? Easy! That took a whopping what, 30 seconds at most from start to finish? And guess what? You can do this EVERY DAY to greatly improve our rank which greatly improves our chances of winning the cars!

On Facebook? Join our event and invite friends! We need all the help we can get!

Another way to help is by sending me fansigns to put in blog posts on my site. If you need inspiration on what to do for your fansign, please visit the gallery of those before you and take a look. :o)

Thanks in advance and a huge thanks to those who have been voting every day and supporting us all along. <3

April 28, 2009

Check This Shit Out


The craziest website I think I’ve ever seen.
I think it’s the dude’s resume?
I dunno, but I spent 45 minutes on it.
Now THAT is creativity.
The rest of us are HACKS.

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April 27, 2009


My friend Leora has a limited edition 22 x 17 inch print of this and that makes her infinitely cooler than the rest of us.

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I’ve Been a Bad Blogger…

See, a blogger is a kind of writer and lately I’ve been relying on pictures rather than my words to convey the goings on in my life and to be perfectly honest, even I find that bad form, especially when my blog here is so freaking b0rked that I can’t even format pictures properly. (I wish I knew why…I can format pictures within and around text, like a magazine, on my end, but when I go to publish, it loses all formatting. It’s been this way since the beginning, it’s extremely frustrating and I don’t know how to fix it.)

Anyway, I was going to do yet another post full of pictures from the Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival that happened on Saturday and which I attended, but fuck it, go look at the pictures yourself, I put them in a gallery for that express purpose. That’s not to say this post won’t contain some of those pictures, it’s just that it won’t contain all of them.

For some ungodly reason, I woke up at around 6am on Saturday and sat at the computer “doing stuff” (aka Twittering about being up at such an ungodly hour) until around 7 when I decided that I would go down to the Maple Syrup festival by myself and help my mom set up her booth. My family was still sleeping so going by myself was really my only option and by the look of the sky at the time, it appeared as though Mother Nature was going to unleash her hellacious fury all over our fine town so I figured my mom would appreciate the help in getting set up before that happened.

Now, let me be clear on some things here before we go any further. I have been working on my immersion therapy and re-learning how to do things that I forgot how to do in my agoraphobic state since the end of February. It may not seem like a big deal to anyone else that I was A) up at 6am, B) got showered and dressed by myself, C) made the decision to walk downtown by myself and D) actually follow through. This is progress that even my shrink would probably be surprised by. I don’t know where it’s coming from, but it feels as though I’m finally waking up from a nightmare.

Well, my shower started waking people in the house up, primarily my 10-year-old daughter who was eager to get on the midway and suddenly, even though I was dressed and ready to go, I had to wait for her to get her shit together because she wanted to come with me. And she took FOREVER.

As she got ready, Mother Nature began to unleash her fury, completely negating my entire reason for wanting to go to the Maple Syrup Festival early, let alone at all. Usually this is an event I skip, but this was the first year my mom, who’s an artist by the way, had a booth in it and I knew her “new” boyfriend (of 3 years) who I haven’t met before was going to be there and it really was high time that I met this man.

So I waited and waited and waited for Madison to get her shit together and finally we both set out towards town under an umbrella as the world crashed down all around us. Now again, this is a major milestone. I went outside the house, more or less by myself, twice in the same week. I have no idea what’s gotten into me, maybe it’s just the weather, but it appears as though, once again, that I’m making progress.

But at the same time it all seems so meaningless. I’m the kind of person where if it’s not productive, it’s not worth doing, so while I see that walking down to the Maple Syrup Festival is a major milestone, I kind of don’t give a shit because so what? Did I enjoy the walk? No. Did I do anything productive on the walk like take pictures? No. Did I do anything productive once I got there? No. Did this benefit me in any way? No. Did it inconvenience me? Absolutely. The fact of the matter is, I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to go. I made myself go and I did so for the sake of other people. It’s difficult for me to see that as a success. (As an aside, holy fuck do I hate this keyboard.)

So anyway, we get to the Maple Syrup Festival, I find my mom’s booth and then…I stood around feeling like I was in the way while she and her boyfriend, John, wiped things off (the storm had passed by this point) and set things up. Then I sat around some more and made idle chit-chat with the two of them, took a few pictures, and absent-mindedly talked to my mom a bit about her website, which I created and should theoretically be maintaining because she can’t do it herself, except I don’t so it remains unmaintained. As this was all going on, people started to fill the streets and come by my mom’s booth and more than that, my mom’s booth was situated right in front of the community centre where the pancake breakfast was happening all day and there was a LONG LONG LONG line forming and everyone in that LONG LONG LONG line was looking into my mother’s booth and inadvertently at me.

People looking at me is something I’m not entirely comfortable with and is one of the reasons I stopped leaving the house in the first place. Now let me be clear about something here before I start sounding like a delicate flower here, I am currently undergoing immersion therapy, which means I’m supposed to be immersing myself in situations that make me uncomfortable like the situation above. At the same time, it’s not all crowds that make me uncomfortable or anxious and it’s not all people looking at me that makes my skin crawl, it’s only in places or situations where I don’t have a defined role. Sitting in my mom’s booth, I was just sitting there taking up space, whereas, at my art show in October I was “an artist”, I had a defined role, and thus the crowd and attention was more bearable.

So after sitting around for what seemed like forever, Blake and our son, Wes, showed up and we decided to go to Steelers, which was just down the street, for breakfast. This is yet another milestone: eating in public. Especially in an extremely crowded restaurant. It wasn’t so bad though, they seated us in the back which was mostly away from the rest of the patrons. So we ate, which was pretty uneventful and then we went back to my mom’s booth where I hung out again while Blake took the kids to the midway. (While I was feeling particularly brave on Saturday, there wasn’t a chance in hell I was dealing with screaming kids and the midway.)

My mom needed a pee break so we walked around some of the booths near the porta-potties while she smoked a cigarette which was such a strange experience. I turned 30 on March 1st and had made a pact with myself when I started smoking at 16 that I couldn’t smoke again after I was 30 and thus, I’ve successfully quit and unless something extremely disasterous happens, I shall remain smoke-free for the rest of my life. Part of quitting smoking though, was secluding myself from it completely and my mom having a cigarette on Saturday was the first smoke I’d come into contact with in almost 2 months. It’s funny how your senses work, I mean I didn’t expect it to bother me at all, but it was the worst smelling thing ever and the smoke kept blowing towards me and I could feel myself breathing it and it REALLY bothered me. In that moment I couldn’t believe that I’d done this idiotic thing myself for almost half my life. How did I not notice how vile it really was? How is that possible? And this was outside! I think if I was in a confined space with a smoker at this point, I probably wouldn’t be able to handle the stench or the tightening in my lungs I felt as I was inhaling the smoke second-hand. And to think, people PAY CRAZY AMOUNTS OF MONEY for this priviledge that’s disgusting, makes their teeth look gross AND is killing them. Wtf, are we all retarded?

Anyway, during our little walk, my mom bought me cotton candy and I waited for her to pee and then we went back to her booth where I sat around some more and made awkward small talk with John until Blake and Wes came back and informed me that the midway did, indeed, have Tiny Tom donuts which I absolutely live for.

For the uninitiated, Tiny Tom donuts are these itty bitty donuts that they make fresh right in the booth, which they then put in a paper bag and cover in flavoured sugar. I always go for the cinnamon, personally.

Soooooooooooo Blake and I went to the midway, leaving the kids at my mom’s booth, on a mission for Tiny Tom’s donuts for both myself, the kids and my mom and surprisingly I did okay even though the midway was a zoo. Then we brought the donuts back, cutting through several people’s yards as to avoid the crowd down the street to the arena where the midway was located, we ate, then I bought some maple syrup ($23 for a litre!) and then I decided to go home while Blake & the kids went to the midway again.

Yes, I walked home. All by myself. And when I got home, I slept.

When I woke up it was about 4pm and Blake & the kids were back. I screwed around on the internet for a bit and then asked Blake what he thought about a trip to Barrie for Starbucks since, y’know, we hadn’t spent enough money that day. So we all hopped in the car and off to Barrie we went.

Along the way I saw all kinds of things I’d love to photograph and show the world and I thought about winning the Cube and all the things I could do if I actually did win. Everything I saw reminded me of the Cube and the freedom that funny looking little car embodies to me.

Finally we got to Starbucks, I got my “vanilla milkshake thing with whipped cream” and Blake got…some kind of coffee concoction and off we went in search of the Nissan dealership just to see where it was, and if they were open, get a couple of Cube booklets. If you’re on Blake’s Twitter, you will have seen the picture of him humping the door, while I – uncharacteristically – took the classier route and took the picture I posted last night.

On our way out of Barrie, we (well…I) decided to stop by Shopper’s Drug Mart (which is a lot like the CVS chain y’all have in the US) where I bought myself some new makeup, new sunglasses (blue! w00t!) and a bunch of other crap. I figured if I was going to do this whole “leaving the house” thing more often, then I should probably make an effort in the makeup department every now and then and most of what I had  at home is really old and the newer stuff I bought a couple of years ago was STOLEN by an ex-friend.

After Shopper’s it was getting pretty late, so we got Blake & the kids pizza and headed home. Then the kids went to bed and I don’t really remember what we did for the rest of the night. We probably dicked around on the internet and begged for votes for the Hypercube contest.

When it was time to go to bed though, I got pretty sad. Overall I had a good day, even though it was a busy, chaotic day completely outside of my routine, but the thing is, along with all of the other things I’m having to re-learn after being secluded and on a non-schedule for so long, I have to learn how to be happy. I’ve said it a million times before but when I was the happiest I’d ever been in my whole entire life, it turned out I was manic, psychotic and had to be hospitalized. So I get suspicious of happy feelings, happy feelings scare me.

But Blake reassured me that it was just a good day, that I wasn’t manic or even close to it and that it was okay to just be happy. So that’s what I did. And then I fell asleep.

The Meek

I’d totally forgotten about this until I was just looking through my galleries for something else. This was an idea for a story I had a couple of years ago about the colonization of Mars and how I think it would go  down because you see I’m CYNICAL.

Anyway, if interested here’s the first two pages:

To read the rest, start here and keep clicking “next”.

I’m not a science fiction writer. In fact, aside from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I can’t say I’ve ever even read any science fiction, but I don’t make it a habit to limit my mind and my creativity, so I’m cool with letting my brain roam wherever it wants. That day, it happened to be to Mars.

I doubt I’ll ever do anything with this story, it would require a whole lot of geek research I’m not all that interested in, but if anyone wants to option the movie rights, gimme a call. ;o)

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I’ve Been Tired…

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I am exhausted. The last few days have been so crazy I don’t even know how to process them yet, but I’m going to try tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t get sucked into stupid “vote maintenance” for this contest – posting reminders, bumping threads on forums, pimping on Twitter, chatting in IRC – in the end it seems to take me all day and both Blake and I are going DOWN in rank so it feels like it’s all for nothing right now. That said…

Have you voted for your favourite Crittendens to win new Nissan Cubes today? If you have, great! Thank you so much, we really appreciate the support from our very dear friends! If not, here’s your chance!

Register to vote at Hypercube.ca, log in and then click on each of these links to vote for our audition canvases:

Sunny’s Audition Canvas | Blake’s Audition Canvas

See? Easy! That took a whopping what, 30 seconds at most from start to finish? And guess what? You can do this EVERY DAY to greatly improve our rank which greatly improves our chances of winning the cars!

On Facebook? Join our event and invite friends! We need all the help we can get!

Another way to help is by sending me fansigns to put in blog posts on my site. If you need inspiration on what to do for your fansign, please visit the gallery of those before you and take a look. :o)

Thanks in advance and a huge thanks to those who have been voting every day and supporting us all along. <3

So along with the contest, I have to process how my immersion therapy is going, the Maple Syrup Festival, meeting my mom’s “new” boyfriend, the fact that because of this contest I’m totally neglecting painting and just about everything else in my life, the trip to Barrie to Starbucks and Shopper’s Drug Mart yesterday and some other things. There’s a lot on my mind and it’s stressing me the fuck out.

BUT I’m so damn tired I think it’d probably be best if I just take my sleeping pills, go to bed now and wake up earlier tomorrow so I can better make sense of it all. But first, I’m going to try and record the frogs outside because they sound amazing and I’m going to leave you with this pic that I took yesterday in Barrie. BARRIE NEEDS A CUBE AND I’M (so far) THE CLOSEST CONTESTANT TO BARRIE!

So there. Goodnight.

April 26, 2009

My Mom @ The Maple Syrup Festival

I haven’t had time to edit my own pics and write my own post yet, but my mom just sent me this blog post about A Simpler Time’s booth that was posted on Saturday, so check it out if you’re interested!

(Image ©Liberty Post 2009)

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Please Vote!

This afternoon Blake and I fell from #s 5 & 8, to 8 & 9 so if you haven’t voted yet today, now’s the time to do it! I’m even gonna bribe you with this video of Wes that I took the other day because I still have to edit pics for a proper post.

Once again, here are the links to our canvases:

Sunny’s Audition Canvas | Blake’s Audition Canvas

Also, I just wanted to thank everyone who’s putting our links out there and trying to get other people to vote for us too. At this point I’m afraid that if I tried to list everyone I’d forget someone and feel like a dick, so I’m not going to do that, but do know that we appreciate it. Also if anyone has any other ideas as to how we can get more votes, DO let us know. I’m fairly certain just from watching us go up & down over the past couple of days that the ranks 5-10 are pretty close, so I think we’re going to have to do something to get us ahead by maybe 50 votes or so but I can’t figure out how to get those extra votes.

Any help there is greatly appreciated. Anyone run a business and can get their employees to vote?

Anyway, without further ado, here’s Wes being a weirdo.

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April 24, 2009

Hipsters Are My New Favourite Thing

Adbusters article on hipsters that garnered over 4,000 comments
(all of which I plan to read because they’re funny)

DieHipster.com is a hilarious site dealing mostly with the problem of NYC transplants

Is Hipster a Dirty Word?

and my favourite…

Look At This Fucking Hipster

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