March 21, 2009

More Cubey Goodness

This girl’s website, is the best one I’ve seen so far, check it out! She has a neat app on there to customize your own Cube and even got a Cube-inspired haircut! Now that’s dedication.

Here’s another picture of the Nissan Cube, unfortunately not in its natural habitat of my driveway.

I keep wondering if we get to pick the colour if we win and what colour I’d pick if I did. There are so many colours to choose from, I can’t seem to pick one, though. I saw a picture of a cream coloured one that looked pretty spiffy, but I think I’m leaning towards blue, red or green. Black’s always an option too, but if I were to win one, I’d want to stand out, so I’m thinking a colour would be best.

*sigh* Daring to dream…

I think it was the girl whose website I linked up there ^^^ who went on an outing today and took pictures of herself in wacky places like standing on top of a tank, holding up a cardboard sign that said something to the effect of “Have you seen my CUBE?” and I totally felt inferior and a little defeated over this contest because I can barely make it to the end of my driveway yet to get the paper, I can’t really do anything like that even though I have some ideas to the same effect.

For example, Blake & I were talking about the possibility of going to our local Nissan dealership and seeing if we could actually test drive one (and by “we” I mean him) and then take it to do groceries and take pictures of me with the back door open with all our groceries, to show how spacious the cargo area is and if we had time and could orchestrate it, we could take pictures of me in the driver’s seat with the dogs and take a picture of that (which I’m sure the dealership would love, but whatever) and various other ideas to that effect. But the thing is, I’m friggin’ agoraphobic and while I have all of these great ideas in my head, I’m really frustrated with myself because I know I can’t execute them and (probably) everyone else in the contest can.

I mean, I’m creative, I have the ideas, I just don’t have the means to execute them so I’m going to have to think of things within my means which I don’t think are anywhere near as exciting.

Plus, some of the people in the contest have gotten media attention and are truly advertising this thing, whereas, all I really have at my disposal is the 3,000 or so “fans” that visit this site in a month, most of whom don’t even comment. When this contest first came up I kinda thought that would be enough, but now I’m not so sure.

Blah. Low self-esteem day, I guess. Maybe I should have gone with a Facebook page, I know I can at least  get 125 people to one of those within like, 24 hours.

I think I’m also a little gun-shy about the whole thing because I’ve been in a contest a LOT like Hypercube before. Last year (or the year before?) I was part of Weiden + Kennedy’s (an ad agency, I went to college for creative advertising) contest to win a job at their Oregon office, I made a whole new site for it, bought the domain (this is why I own, as I mentioned in my previous Cube post) and was hyped about it because I honestly felt I had a chance of winning. And then I didn’t, which wasn’t so bad, I’m a good loser, but when I saw the caliber of people who did win (um, Biz fucking Stone, the creator of Twitter, hello?), I felt like the biggest jackass on planet Earth for even trying.

And this post, I’m sure, is NOT helping my chances of winning a Cube because it’s a little mopey and not the energy they’re probably going for, but again, whatever. I’m honest, I’m an open book, that’s just who I am and that’s why people read what I have to say. *shrug*

Not to play the pity angle or anything, but winning this car for (again, probably) most of the contestants is that it’s just a cool car for them to drive around, or maybe they need a car to get from point A to point B or whatever, but for me, it’s a brand new life, it’s my freedom back after being home bound for 7 YEARS, it’s the possibility of selling my work in children’s boutiques in Barrie and Toronto and driving myself to my own gallery shows, which I ultimately dream of doing and have the talent of doing as evidenced by three of my pieces being accepted into Touched By Fire in Toronto this fall. It’s going for a drive at 3am just to clear my head, with nothing but my thoughts and my iPod. It’s buying my own art supplies from Curry’s rather than ordering online and it’s having the cargo space to transport giant, heavy canvasses.

And not to be sentimental or show that I’m not the hipster, child-free type (which I think is maybe a negative with this contest) but it’s taking my kids to the beach on a Wednesday when our little house is too hot to move in. I mean, god, we’ve lived 10 minutes away from Wasaga Beach, a place I love, for 4 years now and we’ve only gone once or twice because Blake gets home too late to go after work and it’s too much of a zoo on weekends to even bother. My immersion therapy is to get me to the point where I can do that stuff and the Cube could be the tool to make it all happen.

(My son Wes at Wasaga Beach, Ontario approximately 2 years ago.)

I think the reason I’m so emo about this is because the Cube fits my criteria so well it almost feels like it’s fate that Steph showed me this contest. We could never afford a Cube on our own (or any car for that matter), we’re a one car household and I’ve been saying for years – and my shrink agrees – that the reason I stopped driving in the first place was probably because I didn’t have my own car anymore after I got married. I had my own car before I got married and Blake had his, but after we said “I do”, we had to drop down to one car for financial reasons and since Blake was the one who worked, he drove it constantly and it basically became “his car”.

Since I haven’t driven in about 4 years, I basically have to relearn how to drive. I drive our car (an extremely pathetic 2001 Cavalier which I *will* be posting pictures of during this contest) in the middle of the night up to the corner store sometimes, but I only have the courage to do that because I know there are no other cars on the road and no one to see my crappy parking job or laugh at me for going 10 under the speed limit because I’m scared to go 60 km/h.¬† Now to put that into perspective, prior to getting married, I drove down the 404 to the Don Valley Parkway and into downtown Toronto to go to school every day for 3 years. 120 km/h was nothing. My maiden voyage with my first car, a 1990 Beretta, was a trip from Stouffville, Ontario to Huntsville, Ontario doing a buck thirty along highway 11. Again, not a problem. And it’s that self-assuredness that want to get back.

But, once again, I’m scared. What I like about the Cube and how it fits my criteria is that it’s non-threatening and looks like it would be easy to park just based on its size and its unique windows. Also it’s a 4-cylinder so it’s not “more car than I can handle”. The cargo space is perfect for my dogs, which is extremely important because my therapy involves driving around with Lucky and/or Hoover to get used to driving with “others”, before I feel okay driving with people. And that’s the other thing about the Cube is that it would easily fit our family, particularly myself and my two kids, which of course is what I’m hoping to work up to. The Cube can easily grow with my progress.

Another thing, which I think is important, is that the Cube looks a little strange and people are going to stare at it and maybe ask me about it and that’s one of the things I fear the most: people staring it me or strangers talking to me. That’s the #1 reason why I stopped leaving the house and it’s also something I know I’ve got to get over because I know how stupid it is. In that respect, the Cube itself would be immersion therapy.

So that’s me & the Cube, now onto actually winning one…I have ideas, but until I get the e-mail that explains the whole profile thing, I don’t think I’m going to execute any of them. The issue with me is both time and the whole not leaving the house thing. Like, I could paint a pretty painting of me & Lucky cruising around in our new Cube or something like that, but that would take me like, 2 weeks, if not more. And it probably wouldn’t win me the contest. I’m thinkin’, and I’m pretty sure I covered this in my previous Cube post, that my only advantage is blogging and showing the Hypercube people the people and four-legged family members in my life. And getting them to this website to show them my paintings and prove that I’m the creative unique snowflake they’re looking for.

So I guess that’s what I’m going to do. I mean all I can really do in the end is be me. Right?


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  1. David LaRue says:

    That is a wild looking car Sunny! I want to see a photo of you driving it!

  2. rogue0703 says:

    Oh Sunny, Good luck! It sounds like winning this would be AWESOME for you. I hope you win… I wish there was something I could do to help you win!

  3. ash says:

    I really hope you win this car! Positive brain waves ~~~~~<3

  4. kelly g (ky kelly) says:

    dude, sunny. you should make a youtube video that explains/shows all of the above. how it would help you with your agoraphobia, your dogs, etc, everything. and get a bunch of hits for it. something. you could do anything. you totally deserve this car. the youtube video would be hard to make. (i can’t even get on a web cam to talk to you all for god’s sake) but that would be part of it… and you prolly have a million better ideas than mine, but don’t give up. you could do this.

  5. Sunny says:

    David: If I win, you can bet your sweet ass (actually I’ve never seen your ass, so it may not be sweet, but whatever) there will be pictures!

    Rogue: Thanks, I wish there was a way for you to help me win too! In fact there could be a way, I just don’t know what it is yet. Still waiting on info about these profiles we’re supposed to be doing. If there’s a blog on them and comments are enabled, I think I have a good chance of making the top 500. If not, then I dunno. :o/

    Ash: Thanks darlin’. <3

    Kelly: Hmmmmm. Well, I do have a video camera but I’m extremely camera shy so I would only do that if I thought it was absolutely necessary to win (which it may be, I’ve only seen one person do it yet). I also don’t know how to edit very well, so I’m afraid anything I’d make would look awful. Plus, I never get the settings right for YouTube and my footage always looks crappy. It’s an excellent idea though and one I’ll definitely keep in the back of my head. Thanks! And thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. <3 :o)

  6. Chris says:

    Is there actually a car so compelling, so inviting, so outgoing that it could cure agoraphobia? Let the Cube set Sunny free!

  7. TheCaretaker says:

    I posted this on your LJ wordpress feed, before I realized you probably don’t read comments there:

    Being creative is not about how big you make your site or about how many visitors you get a month.. it’s about how creative you are.

    The Nissan3 thing is genius. And that’s creative.. , doing something so obvious, though which no one thought about. Creativity to me is, partly, making something which most people think about “damn, I could have come up with that, why didn’t I think of that??”

    You get my vote over hers any day.

  8. telma says:

    thanks so much for linking to my blog! i shall return the favor when i get home! ps. your blog is so beyond awesome!

  9. Sunny says:

    Thanks Telma and super huge good luck to you!!! *hugs*

  10. Heather says:

    Good luck!

  11. fiduch says:

    well, good luck with all this!

    just so you know, about the whole “test drive” idea, many car dealerships only let you take a test drive along a specific route, and often only with a representative from the dealership in the car with you. so you probably wouldn’t be able to take the car to the grocery store, or put the dogs in it or anything.

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