January 14, 2019

Introducing: OMG, Sunny.

Hi guys,

I decided to start writing again, at the encouragement of Madison and Blake, so I started a new column or on Medium, called “OMG, Sunny“, about being an emancipated teen in the ’90s.

Please applaud and follow on Medium, so I know if you want more!

Thanks for reading!

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July 8, 2018


God, it’s been so long that I’ve written a post here that I basically forget how, so hopefully I do this right.

This colouring page was cool in 2015 when I made and posted it on Patreon:

But now Patreon doesn’t want adult content creators on its platform to appease payment processing giants like PayPal, so it kicked all the camgirls off, and then it came for people like me, who had artistic nudity on their pages and did a mass suspension of our accounts. (Here’s an article about it where I’m sort of featured.) I’ve been suspended for 10 days and have put in 2 e-mails to Patreon, but have so far heard nothing back. I went to their community guidelines, tried to clean up my page as much as possible, and marked myself as “adult” like they want us to, which means I won’t show up in any Patreon searches, which I’m fine with because I don’t put ANY stock in searches in the slightest. I am all about sending people straight to the source via traditional media, which is gonna backfire on me because all my business cards and marketing prominently features SUNNYGRRRL.CLUB, which redirects straight to Patreon! I fully bought into their patronage deal! I was ALL IN! There is no other place on the internet where like, a gallery of my work from the past 3 years exists, it was all on Patreon.

To make matters worse, I have 2 art events next week, and again, all my new marketing all goes straight to Patreon, so if I’m still suspended, I can’t even market myself, making those events almost pointless because I have been making colouring pages for 3 years, so I don’t actually have a tonne to sell at an Art In The Park event or Sci Fi Street Party. (See my Facebook page for details on any of those events, btw. The first is July 14th and the Street Party is July 21st.) I was pretty much doing these events to draw live, in front of people, and give out business cards with my logo and SunnyGrrrl.club on them, which, as mentioned, currently goes to Patreon and always has.

My plan B, is that if I’m still suspended on the 13th, I’ll point SunnyGrrrl.club to Etsy for the time being, and work super hard on getting a small webpage with a gallery put up for SunnyGrrrl.club. I asked my friend to help me do this and he said he would, so it’s doable, just not doable in an ideal time frame so I’m not even gonna worry about it until after these shows.

Anyway, yeah, I got suspended from Patreon for posting CARTOON DICKS. Literally.

Speaking of cartoon dicks, I have a current 100 Days Project going on called “100 Days of Dicks” or the “Dick A Day Challenge” where my friend challenged me to draw a dick a day on an index card for 100 days. Right now I’m on day 36 and I’ve yet to draw today’s dick, but so far I’ve gotten them all in on time. You can follow the project on its tumblr 100daysofdicks.tumblr.com or on Twitter because you literally cannot post dicks anywhere else apparently!

I can post dicks here though, so here’s a few from the project:

Anyway, today is mine and Blake’s 16th wedding anniversary so it’s RIBS & STRAWBERRY PIE DAY! So, I gotta go! Peace out, girl scouts!

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April 17, 2018


(Details here!)

Commissions fund my spring/summer art/therapy project!
(Details here!)

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January 30, 2018


I will *NEVER* link 3rd party content on this site at the request of said 3rd party, ESPECIALLY if it’s holistic mumbo jumbo that the world could do without. I believe in science and pharmaceuticals. Sorry.

I see people who e-mail me for self-promotional favours like this as vermin, internet cockroaches, and they are the reason I have so much anxiety about promoting my art by even using a damn HASHTAG because I never want to be put in the same category as them.

So if that’s what you want, kindly fuck off and never contact me again. All of you.

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August 24, 2017


On Friday, September 22nd, I will be displaying my original colouring pages and mixed media art at Green Sprouts Cafe & Vapor Lounge in beautiful downtown Barrie, Ontario. It would be AMAZING if you could come! Exclusive posters will be available at the show that evening!

Details can be found here!

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May 23, 2017

NEW! Cheapie Buttons! Only $5 each!

Go to SunnyGrrrl.club for more art/life stuff! Go to SunnylandStudio.com for handmade art!
And go to Zazzle for merch!

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New! $65 commissions! (For now.)

$65 commissions now available!

$65 commissions now available!

Go to SunnyGrrrl.club for more art/life stuff! Go to SunnylandStudio.com for handmade art! And go to Zazzle for merch!

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October 21, 2016


Not taking commissions until at least the New Year, but will entertain ideas for them from patrons for potential work this winter.

Here’s the last commission I did (prints will be available soon, click to enlarge):

Visit SunnyGrrrl.com for art/life stuff! Visit SunnylandStudio.com to buy art! Or @SunnyCrittenden for all my socials!


<3 <3 <3

April 29, 2016

Hey, World!

Wow, I haven’t composed in WordPress in a while. I just updated it and some stuff is different, like apparently I can set my homepage to a static page instead of all my posts, for example, which is pretty cool. Maybe you could do that before and I just didn’t know about it. I was never a hand coder or anything like that, I was Dreamweaver all the way because they taught it to us in college, and by the time CSS became popular WYSIWYG editors faded into the ether and I lost track of web design completely. I’ve never actually tried to figure out WordPress on my own.

Anyway, why would I when there’s a perfectly good site out there called Patreon that suits almost every need I have, or will once they build the things the Patreon community has asked for? What is Patreon? Here’s a short video explaining:

So what’s over there? Lots & lots of creativity and art and blog posts about life. Patrons get these neat colouring pages I’ve been making, to download and colour at home as many times as they want and on whatever paper they want:

I started making two colouring pages per month for patrons since last June. Patreon is the ONLY way to get these colouring pages and any subsequent colouring pages I make. I am NOT actively seeking to make or publish a book. The colouring pages are just to supplement other creative projects, such as “Glitter is Cheaper Than Drugs” where I am hand-filling 5,000 empty gel capsules with various colours of glitter and filling gumball machines with them for an art show in the late fall that centers on mood disorders.

I am also currently working on a large Wizard of Oz commission and all progress on that is being documented on Patreon for patrons and followers (apparently there’s some way to follow and comment on Patreon posts without pledging but I’m not sure how) through both public and patron-only posts.

With the proceeds from my last commission, I invested in a button maker and I’ve been making hand-painted, one-of-a-kind buttons, which are available in my Etsy shop, along with a new painting called “Not All Fairies…“:

Here are some of the buttons:

So yeah, I’m alive. For more consistent updates and to always be the first to know, hit me up at Patreon!

PS. Here’s a timelapse video of me drawing one of these colouring pages that I posted on Patreon a while back. The audio we’ve dubbed “Fake Podcast”:

February 12, 2016


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